Next Generation Schools

Next Generation Schools – SET TO DEFINE NEW AGE LEARNING

Future schools will incorporate Augmented Reality, Grading and instant feedback through Artificial Intelligence programmes and Virtual Classrooms with more Flipped Learning techniques.

The biology learners are about to dissect frogs. The specimens arrive and complete silence follows. Each student enthusiastically dissects the animal without any ethical dilemma of killing a living being. All learners are delighted instead of feeling pained or uncomfortable. How?

Because the frog was dissected in a virtual 3D simulator, providing learners a crystal clear lesson without the hassles associated with current teaching. Welcome to ‘Next Generation Schools’!

In schools, the pedagogy and teaching environments have not seen much change since 19th century. But with the dawn of information technology, the segment is hopeful of a significant change. We have already seen the advent of interactive classes and more immersive learning. But that’s just the beginning.

The term Next Generation Schools holds much broader significance than just something that is meant to educate next generation of students.

It is about engaging the next generation of students through next generation of teaching. It involves learning methods to enable them to realise their potential and prepare life-long learners who can successfully navigate the world.