“Recommendation on ISET publication of Shikinah Media”

In my professional opinion, Shikinah Media cc has approached Education, Science and Technology holistically. They have embodied and focused on the key stakeholders to form sustainable partnerships to benefit the sectors featured.

"My first impression was the visibility and clean artwork that has been done on the features. It is also a fun read for learners. The organisation will be happy to feature in such a magazine that will give the sector of Earth sciences a boost and also create opportunities for the youth to explore into new avenues of career choices.”



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How refreshing! Finally a company which wishes to innovate, teach, empower & improve! ISET provides an accessible platform, which brings Science to the Students. If ever there was a need in this country, it was / for more Scientists & Engineers. Well done & thank you ISET.


It really is an amazing initiative and we are very pleased with how our contribution was incorporated. Thank you for reaching out to us.

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Thank you for the below, I am so proud of the finished product! Smiling from ear to ear.


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Thank you very much for the opportunity that College of Cape Town was offered to profile two of our graduates in the current edition of ISET Careers SA. 

We are very proud to be part of this publication, not only to showcase the success of our graduates, but also to contribute to the efforts of the WCED to promote career guidance to the youth in the province. It is indeed a very special publication that certainly meets the objectives of providing youth with current information from their peers. 

Our graduates have conveyed their excitement at seeing themselves and their guidance to the youth in print. 

Well done on a wonderful tool that is most critically required in our schools as part of the Life Orientation portfolio! 

We wish you all the very best with the publication and look forward to participating in further publications for other provinces, as well as the Western Cape. 


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